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"The future of the Ukrainian people is hidden under the hearts of mothers. About 80,000 Ukrainian women are expected to have children in the coming months. In the face of a cruel war, we especially care that as many mothers as possible are surrounded by nurture and love, and that the birth takes place in an atmosphere of peace and respect for women, without violence." 

-Varvara B., Birthworker in Poland

Project Co-founder and nurturing mother of 3 babies

We are women from around the world, shocked and shaken by the genocide and ecocide in Ukraine... read more

Across Ukraine, people of great courage are standing against Putin's horrific war crimes and shining their lights in peace ... more

• Peace Roots Alliance - US 501C3

• Direct aid to Ukrainian mothers

• Adopt-a-birthworker

• Makatka Foundation, Poland

Edu+action guides, online groups, circle process support, midwifery college, ecovillages, housing info, ways to help... rmore




The Katowice Sunflower House


Varvara is a home-birthing mother of three and an experienced a birth doula. She has lived in Poland for the last six years and speak Polish, Russian and Ukrainian fluently.


Varvara found a house in her neighborhood which is be a cozy and safe place for Ukrainian women. A squirrel flies over the pine tree and a cherry tree blossoms in the courtyard.

This is a place to come to rest and be taken care of. The living room serves to hold our women’s circles, workshops and meetings.


There are three rooms to accommodate three pregnant women.   . . . read more.


Two of the women involved were on a podcast that went live May 2, 2022. Click below to listen:

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