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Sunflower Stories

Across Ukraine, people of extraordinary courage are standing against Putin’s horrific war crimes, and shining their lights in peace. In Poland, where 4 million refugees are streaming in, brave and compassionate young birthworkers, mothers themselves, are coming together to create mother centers for co-housing, childcare, healing and mutual support for cooperative and homelike peaceful births.

Around the world, good people are coming together Gestating Peace. 









These six women, in five different cities across Poland, are each building a local circle for mutual support. And more circles are forming...


      Gestating Peace

“Satyagraha (; Sanskrit: सत्याग्रह; satya: "truth", āgraha: "insistence" or "holding firmly to")*, or "holding firmly to truth", or "truth force", is a particular form of nonviolent resistance or civil resistance. 


we dwell in the possibility

that creation will outpace destruction

that truth will shatter lies


we dwell in the possibility 

that remembering “past” will heal the forgetting 

              and bless the forgotten 

              opening portals to ancestor wisdom 


we dwell in the possibility 

that satyagraha, soulforce, 

                      will melt weapons 

we dwell in the possibility 

         that this warming planet will cool 

          as her passion is seeding

          “future” in each surviving heart

I dwell in the possibility 

         that the liberation of innocence will begin 

                 even if my body is one of the fallen 

we dwell in the possibility that 

         our species join all others

          in ecstatic equality

         in the body of lover earth 

we dwell in the possibility that 

          the power of love will 

          overcome the love of power 

          on earth as it is in heaven

we dwell in the possibility that

       the kindness we see in each one’s eyes 

       here, now, be multiplied a thousandfold 

       in you, and you, and you..

as we become the light of the world.. 


we are pregnant with possibility 

      encircled by midwives 

      waiting, breathing, weeping, singing, 

            pushing NOW, birthing the new story.


Diana Morningstar. 3/8/2022 

*(Wikipedia, "Satyagraha," April 20, 2022)

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