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Our greatest resource is the circle:

  • Facebook Sunflower Group
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How to Support MotherBaby-Families in Ukraine (Google Doc) collected and edited by nurses and midwives including Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Suellen Miller, executive committee of the International ChildBirth Initiative 

executive committee.

Our Circles & Inspirations

The Green Tent Circle Movement:


The College of Traditional Midwifery in Summertown TN:


Conceiving a Peaceful World:  Women's BodyWisdom, Leadership, and Peacemaking, ebook by Susan Perz:


The National Association of German Mother Centers:


GROOTS, Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood:


Huairou Commission:


Grandmothers Circle the Earth:

Elizabeth Barger the Farm Peace Newsletter:

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GLOBAL Quilts since 2001, create a forum allowing students, of all ages, a place to process international events and participate in an artistic expression of friendship, while opening Hearts and Minds.  For 21 years,  thousands of quilts have gone to Afghanistan, Iraq, Swaziland, Israel, India, over 50 countries, as a sign of friendship and care, to victim of war, slave survivors, and recently to Ukrainians.Judith Meeker, Director and founder

Quilts from More Than Warmth, and Judith Biondo, distributed by Sylvia Zabenguni Khuzwayo Zabenguni Khuzwayo to children at TB hospital in Nhlangano, Eswatini (Swaziland). 


Photo and quilt distribution by Nelda Villines.

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This RESOURCE will continue to be updated - check back for more and please join us in the circles.


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